July 31, 2022
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Sep 27, 2022
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Oct 25, 2022
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President's Message

Chris Cochrane – Much to his surprise, and to our delight, PDG Fay Campbell joined our 26 July meeting to present Chris Cochrane with a Paul Harris Fellowship recognition for merit. As this is his third such award, it comes equipped yet another lovely sapphire. Congratulations Chris! Many of us are aware of the countless hours you put into the online communications for the District and for our Club. The learning curve has been steep for so many in our district, but we would not have weathered Covid or advanced into technological opportunities with anything approaching the same success without you. 
Membership – Director, Membership David Wood is unfortunately experiencing severe health issues of uncertain duration. We wish him well and offer our continued support. Drop him a line, perhaps a phone call. Let him know we care.
The Board first response is to share the Director’s responsibilities for the next while. However, the intention was for the Director to pull together a Membership team. Many of the priority issues that surfaced in the Vision Exercise were linked with Membership/Engagement. We would like to see a team begin to form now.  Interested? Get in touch with me.
Vision Exercise meeting – 26 July Thank you for you input and thoughts! The meeting was, of course, recorded and it and the presentation made by Lars Henriksson are accessible on ClubRunner. 
Next step over the summer will be to pull those general suggestions into a Master plan – then determine action plans for the areas that we choose to focus on. Implementation cannot be overnight for some complex or interconnected targets. Some possibilities will take time, perhaps a couple of years as we experiment and modify procedures. Others may be ‘low hanging fruit’ – things we could do immediately. An example of that would be the notion of a system to record our individual service efforts, both to capture the real impact of the Passport Club and to acknowledge the individuals responsible. We do have the rather clumsy ClubRunner make-up section at the moment. Barry Rowland is working to establish something based on that which will work better for us. We’ll keep you posted.
Margaret Shibley
President-Elect's Report

Last week in our vision exercise meeting the group I was in got into a discussion around member engagement and how it fits within our overall strategic visioning exercise. Valid arguments were raised in support of making member engagement our first priority, while other voices were raised to support the need for the club to identify clear membership and project goals.

The conversation was engaging, the arguments on both sides compelling, but it left me considering the timeless conundrum "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  For me, the question cannot be resolved with a simple either/or solution.  The truth of the matter is neither one can exist without the other.

I am thrilled to see club members working together to resolve important questions around our future, and create a compelling vision for our club, but I rest convinced the reconciliation of our engagement versus vision challenge is the realization that both issues are deeply intertwined.  Trying to untangle engagement from vision, or vision from engagement is virtually impossible because like the chicken and the egg, one cannot exist without the other.

Steve Jobs described it like this.

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t need to be pushed, the vision pulls you."  To paraphrase, when people get engaged in work that excites them, they inevitably get pulled into the greater vision.

I see this as a cyclical process.  If we can create a compelling vision we won’t need to prod members to get involved with it.  It will draw them to engagement like moths to a flame, and once engaged, working together with other Rotarians towards a common goal will feed, nurture, and ensure the vision keeps its momentum.

I look forward to working with you in creating a truly compelling vision.  Let’s make it big and bold enough to draw our members in and keep them engaged and let’s also make it so attractive that others see it and feel compelled to join us.

Yours in Rotary,

                                             David Carey

Secretary's Thoughts
At our last meeting, yours truly was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow recognition by PDG Fay Campbell.
For the work and time spent creating
her online District Conference and assisting many clubs and individuals with online issues.    it was a total surprise and I'm grateful. 
Thank you Fay Campbell.
In addition, yours truly was able to fulfill a
life bucket list item this past week. 
I was one of 6 amateur golfers who qualified to represent the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA  (home of the famous Masters® Golf Tournament). We will be entered into many ProAm tournaments on the PGA Tour and other events across North America hoping to raise the profile of the storied Golf Club.
There were 96 amateur golfers from across the world who were invited by Augusta National to compete to become one of 6 people to represent the Club.
We were divided into 48 teams of 2 golfers.
We played 72 holes with the top 3 teams by total team scores being chosen to represent the Club for the coming year.
After 72 holes of play on the Augusta National course our total team score (myself  -16 and playing partner, Fred, -12) was -28 below par.
Good enough to capture 3rd place!
Next bucket list goal:
play in the final table
at the World Series of Poker
held annually in Las Vegas.
                                        Chris Cochrane
             Member Thoughts

            A Special Invitation to All

Many of you know I started a Diverse Book Club in 2021-22 as Literacy Chair for the District.

I had a lot of fun hosting four different sessions where the participants discussed various books (works of fiction and non-fiction; authors from the US, Canada, and one Icelandic writer; and various genres).

I'm continuing the book club this year and I would love to see many of you online for one or more session.

To start off the new Rotary year, I wanted to honour our first female (and Canadian) RI president, Jennifer Jones, by choosing a female, Canadian writer to focus on.

So, it is with great pride and excitement             I invite personally everyone to join me online for a Q & A with Canadian author Genevieve Graham, and to discuss her most recent book, Bluebird. Ms. Graham is the bestselling author of historical novels such as Tides of Honour, The Forgotten Home Child, and Letters Across the Sea.

The event will take place on Zoom August 16, 2022 at 7:00pm EDT. Details can be found on District 7040’s website:


Please share with anyone who may be interested – spouse, family members, neighbours, children, Rotaractors, etc..

See you then!

                                          Jacinthe Paillé