March 29, 2020
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Jul 01, 2019 – Jun 30, 2020
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March 5
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March 5
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March 29
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March 22
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Rene Melchers
March 1, 1995
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March 17, 2009
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President's Message
CJ Cochrane
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After an adventure in continuous driving, stopping only for gas, drive-thru coffee, and roadside to satisfy the call of nature, yours truly arrived home in Brockville, Ontario, 
16 hours after leaving Daytona, Florida. Retrieved LadyLiz from Ottawa and now we're in isolation.
There are advantages to forced isolation. 
Catching up on a myriad of projects
and reconnecting, using Zoom, with people
we haven't seen in a long time.
Plus yours truly will be the guest speaker online
via Zoom this week to the Saranac Rotary Club. 
Other Clubs have contacted about speaking to them using Zoom as well.
This is the perfect time to introduce our Club to people. People are at home, online, looking for ways to pass the time. It's almost a captive audience.
Friends, colleagues, former Rotarians, anyone. Share our website, tell them only one formal meeting a month, and that doing good for any legitimate, non-political, cause counts.
I'm available to Zoom with you and any potential member if it will assist.
Our monthly meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31, at 5:00 pm Eastern time. You'll receive a reminder email tomorrow morning with the Zoom link and an agenda. 
This time we'll have our newest member, PDG Nicke Salén from Sweden, with us. He has a project to present and all should be online to hear his words.
Here's an idea: invite a guest to attend our next online monthly meeting. Attend with them and I'll allow you a few minutes to introduce your guest.
The Tuesday, March 31, 5:00 pm Eastern time,
Zoom meeting link is:
Meeting ID: 713 311 209
Till next week ...
For the past few Bulletins we have been reminding members of the By Law Changes that will be voted on at our next Online Club Meeting this Tuesday at 5:00 PM EDT - Here are the links that you need to have with Ariane's notes:
from Ariane..
Our club will be voting on proposed changes to our club bylaws at our meeting this Tuesday.  A draft revision of the bylaws can be found in Documents on ClubRunner. We we have been reminded  that all clubs need to update their bylaws according to the 2019 COL. The generic club bylaws that RI put out after the 2019 Council on Legislation (COL) are also in Documents. I tried to model the draft revision after that. Whenever possible, I have highlighted the changes, but if something was shortened that will not show.
The election of the Board is different and the method of electing new members is shortened.
According to RI, we need to give 21 days notice for amendments, so that is why our initial notice went out three weeks ago.
Please read the revised version and compare to the RI version if you wish. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me prior to our meeting on Tuesday.
        Secretary's Thoughts
                  COVID 19 impact
All of us have been affected by the current Covid 19 Pandemic and it is having a significant impact on our lives, our families and neighbours.  Each of us are affected in different ways, but I urge everyone to use the links we have to reach out to each other and offer support as best we all can within the limits imposed on us by physical distancing. Everyone's email address can be found in our list of members located on ClubRunner.
Once again I am urging everyone to continue to follow government advisories on what to do to promote our own personal safety and health.
Stay safe everyone and have a great week!
Once again, here's an important message from Rotary International:
Yours in Rotary,

Jacinthe's Suggestions


Hello everyone! In  these very uncertain times, let me give you some suggestions to pass the time (and learn about Rotary-related topics):

1. Read your Rotarian Magazine! Many interesting articles, including one on the beautiful Kigali Public Library, the first in Rwanda (February 2020 issue); and one on Sarah Parcak, a space archaeologist (April 2020). 

2. Register on the Rotary Positive Peace Academy ( and learn all about positive peace. It’s free – and you can count this as a makeup ☺

3. Go to YouTube and subscribe to the Rotary International channel. There are many interesting videos on all kinds of topics!

Finally, in case you did not know, I am an avid reader, and I always love sharing my reading suggestions. If you are looking for a book idea (novel, memoir, etc.), let me know!

Take care everyone and see you at the meeting on Tuesday, March 31st.


Maddie's Musings
I hope you are all well and well-stocked during these times of social isolation and quarantine! We're a little bit ahead of the curve, as we already conduct our meetings online and did not need to transition to an online platform. Being ahead of the curve has given us an opportunity to explore how we can continue working and giving back to our communities in other ways. One easy (and enjoyable) way is to make sure that local businesses are able to stay afloat! Support local by buying delivery from restaurants, or supporting local businesses that operate or have transitioned to online. This is important for the current state of affairs and it will only become more important as local economies continue to face new challenges in the weeks and months to come. Another great way to help is by using our online platforms as Rotarians to connect people that are in need of assistance. There are lots of locals and local organizations that are doing their part in order to help out, and by promoting them online we can help them reach those who need their help the most.
A quick update on youth exchange: all of our students have returned home safely and all of the students that were living in our district have returned safely to their respective homes. We are saddened that these bright students had to have their exchanges cut short but so thankful for the time that we got to spend with them! We continue to monitor the situation and will make informed decisions based on upcoming exchanges in the near future.