February 16, 2020
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Jul 01, 2019 – Jun 30, 2020
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February 14
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February 26
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CJ Cochrane
February 23, 2005
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President's Message
CJ Cochrane
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Thank you to all who sent your thoughts about morphing into a worldwide eClub. The majority were in favour of the status quo - remaining as we are now. The best part is the suggestions and ideas sent will help this club move forward. Thank you for timely feedback
We have a potential new member in the cue. As per our Club bylaws, your Board has approved and, if there are no objections from any members, upon payment of dues he will officially be part of the Passport family. Members, you have 7 days  (until February 23, 2020) to let me know if you object.
Otherwise, please welcome Ray Morrison whom I know from our days together in the 1000 Islands Rotary Club. Glad to have you with us Ray!
Til next week ...
        Secretary's Thoughts
Hello again fellow D7040 Passport Rotarians,
Later in this Bulletin readers will find notes on the first of our prospective charities for the Online Ontario Rotary 50 50 Lottery.  This one is in Ottawa - the long running Ottawa Rotary Home.  This project is awaiting our Board approval, but there is still potential for us to choose additional charities that Passport members feel they would like to see the club support.  Ariane is also suggesting the Agape Food Bank in Cornwall as a possible selection.
Please also read Ariane's article below about Makeups. 
Have a good week everyone!
Membership Makeups -
by Ariane Cariere
(Secretary's Note - this article should have appeared in last week's Bulletin - Apologies!)
This past week I spent almost an entire day putting in makeups from lists that Len provided me. The good news is that our average attendance has now jumped to 40%. The bad news is that I suspect there are still a lot of makeups out there that have not been added. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for adding their own makeups. I may have made mistakes. So please, go to the makeup page on our website and check to see that everything has been added properly. If you’ve forgotten how to do that, there is an “Add your own makeups “ document in our Documents section.
STEP Orientation Session 1
By Jacinthe Paillé, President-Elect
STEP Orientation Session 1
By Jacinthe Paillé, President-Elect
On February 1, my husband, Mauro, his daughter Anna (15) and myself had the pleasure of attending the first orientation session for the Short Term Youth Exchange (STEP) that Anna will participate in this year. Our club President-Nominee, Maddie, was there as well as she is involved in youth exchange at the District Level.
Mauro was impressed with the professionalism and organization of the day, in which we learned about the exchange and where Anna made her final country selection following the ‘Country Fair’. This happens at the end of the day when current long-term exchange students promote their country. Anna chose several European countries as her destinations of choice: Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other amazing places. How exciting! In the next few weeks, Francine Allard, the Rotarian who arranges the ‘matches’ between STEP participants in the District, will let us know who is the young person we will host and whose country Anna will visit in the summer.
Anna loved her day and said she would like to participate again next year (along with my daughter Sarah!), and then go on a long-term exchange! The Rotary Youth Exchange program is truly exceptional, and we feel privileged to be able to take part in it. Thanks to our club, it will be possible - thank you!
Maddie's Musings
Last weekend I was in Cornwall for the first Rotary Youth Exchange Orientation. Students from all over the district were brought together to learn about Rotary and begin preparations for their short- or long-term stay abroad as ambassadors for their community, their country, and of Rotary. Our club is sponsoring Jacinthe's step-daughter to embark on a short-term exchange in the summer, and Jacinthe will be hosting a student in return.
We should be extremely proud of the bravery of these students, and extremely proud that as Rotarians we help facilitate their adventures!
Prospective 50 50 Ontario Rotary On Line Lottery winners 
This week we are featuring the first prospective choice  for the 50 50 On Line Lottery.
D7040 Passport Club member Bob Whyte sits as a Board member of this particular charity and has proposed it for selection. 
The Ottawa Rotary Home
The Rotary Club of Ottawa first opened their respite home in 1982 with funds raised by club members as well as funds received from the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. The Board of Directors who governs the organization is composed of volunteers from various Rotary Clubs in the Ottawa area.   The home isa not-for-profit corporation with a charitable registration number. The Rotary Home is serving over 281 families registered with their respite programs,
The Children Respite Programs are open 7 days a week, 356 days a year (closed over the Christmas Break). Children and youth up to their twenty-first birthday, who have a neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disability generally restricting their mobility, have access to our Regular Planned Relief program or general respite bookings.  There is also a program specifically for children up to their eighteenth birthday, who have a complex medical need and are technologically dependent requiring nursing supports.
The Adult Respite Program supports adults after the age of 21. The program does not have annualized government funding so relies on fundraised dollars and the generosity of corporate partners. They are supported in a barrier-free environment, with qualified, competent, talented employees.