April 4, 2021


Our next meeting will be Tuesday April 27 at the regular 5:00PM Eastern time. 
The link to join meeting is the same every month.
Please use the link below - note that a password is not necessary - participants are admitted by the meeting Chair from a Waiting Room.   
Meeting ID:774-1711-6547
Upcoming Events
Membership Committee Meeting
Apr 13, 2021 7:00 PM
Club meeting
Apr 27, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
May 11, 2021 7:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Jun 08, 2021 7:00 PM
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Foundation Moment with DG Hadi

Want to Learn More About The Rotary Foundation?

The Rotary Foundation produces a number of resources that help Rotarians learn about the work that we do around the world.  Here are some favourites:   

1. The Annual Report: annual-report-2019

2. The Rotary Foundation Reference Guide: reference-guide  

3. Videos about our work: rotary-videos

4. Our website: rotary.org

What is something new that you learned from these online resources?

Thank You/Merci,
Hadi Mortada,
Governor/Gouverneur 2020-21
Area Governor 2014-19
Club President 2013-14
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Member Birthdays
Nicke Salén
April 4
Chris Cochrane
April 18
Bob Whyte
Barb Whyte
April 24
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Bob Whyte
April 1, 1973
48 years
Fred Carriere
April 28, 1998
23 years
President's Message
Jacinthe Paille
member photo
April is Maternal and Child Health!
Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it!
April will be an eventful month, with lots to celebrate. Read below:
-On April 17, our President-Elect Maddie will attend her first PETS session to help her prepare for her role next year! Enjoy!
-On April 19, we celebrate Paul Harris’ birthday. Why not post something about it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, and express your pride in being a Rotarian?
-April 22 is Earth Day – and to help make the world around us a bit cleaner, you are invited to participate in the Great Lakes Cleanup on Saturday, April 24! Join a group or create your own and go out to clean a park, a bike path, a river bank and show your Rotary colors - and share photos!
Finally, at our meeting on March 29th several people mentioned that they are part of a Rotary Fellowship. Intrigued? Want to find out more? Here is a link with more information!
Secretary's Thoughts
Hi fellow Passport Club Rotarians and friends,
Hope you are all enjoying the Easter Long Weekend even with the lock down that’s affecting many of us right now.
This message will be quick.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we are hoping to launch a short Survey Monkey questionnaire very soon to solicit some feedback from as many of you as possible concerning the weekly Bulletin.  Some of us have been thinking that of late we are beginning to feel that the Bulletin may be getting a tad too long and we think some feedback might be useful in letting us know what changes we may want to consider at this stage to enable members to best keep up to date with events and activities affecting our club.    So, please do start to give that some thought and you’ll be all set for the questionnaire, when it becomes available.
Meanwhile have a great week everyone!
Yours in Rotary Service,
President-Elect Maddie Roy
Maddie will be back again next week....
If you are a new Rotary member or just need a refresher, here's the reference guide for Rotary Basics.
Have your checked Coffee with a Rotarian this month? You can find it here. You’ll find it’s slightly different.
This is a refresher for everyone, especially our new members. You can add your own makeups and, you guessed it, there’s a link for that. If anyone needs help with that, I would be glad to schedule a meeting with you.
Someone mentioned that meetings are listed as closed. If you’ve looked at the bottom of the Meetings page, you’ll see these notes:
“Open Meetings can be edited and modified. The data from these meetings are not yet reflected in reports.
Closed meetings are highlighted in green, and their data is reflected in reports. Makeups can be applied to closed meetings.”
In order to get the attendance data, it’s necessary to mark the meetings as closed, but you can still use them for makeups. Please do not bank makeups unless you have used up all available dates, meaning you’ve gone up to June 30, 2021. Banked meetings do nothing for our attendance, which by the way is at 66% this week, quite a bit better.