February 21, 2021


Our Next meeting is this coming Tuesday, February 23rd.  We will celebrate Rotary’s 116th anniversary with guest speaker Dean Rohrs, past RI Vice-President.  
To accommodate our speaker we will start this meeting at 6:30 PM ET.
The link to join meeting is the same every month.
Please use the link below - note that a password is not necessary - participants are admitted by the meeting Chair from a Waiting Room.   
Meeting ID:774-1711-6547
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Monthly Club Meeting: Rotary's 116th Birthday!
Feb 23, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Mar 09, 2021 7:00 PM
Monthly Club Meeting
Mar 30, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Apr 13, 2021 7:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
May 11, 2021 7:00 PM
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Foundation Moment with DG Hadi

What Are Some Financial Best Practices with Grant Funds?

  • Follow your spending plan to distribute and use grant funds for the stated purpose in a timely manner.
  • Make project-related expenditures by check or another traceable method.
  • If payments are made electronically by one person, maintain a paper trail showing that the payment was approved by both signatories.
  • Maintain detailed receipts and record each transaction in a ledger. The ledger should list each transaction, noting the date, amount, and reason for the transaction.
  • Make sure to share the information so grants run smoothly and funds are secure.

Thank you for making our grant oversight top-notch!

Thank You/Merci,
Hadi Mortada,
Governor/Gouverneur 2020-21
Area Governor 2014-19
Club President 2013-14
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Executives & Directors

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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Jacinthe Paille
February 14
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February 26
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Brian Foster
February 20, 2018
3 years
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February 23, 2005
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President's Message
Jacinthe Paille
member photo
February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month!
Not only is February Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month, it is also the month in which we celebrate Rotary’s birthday! Indeed, next Tuesday, February 23rd will mark the 116th anniversary of Rotary. It also happens to be the date of our next monthly meeting, and for the occasion, as you may very well know, we are welcoming a special guest, Past RI Vice-President Dean Rohrs. This is a great time to invite someone to find out more about our club and organization – just give them our club’s Zoom coordinates! *Special time: 6:30pm EDT.
I would like to thank David Wilder who, like several other club members, has contributed to the Raise for Rotary fundraiser I put together in celebration of my birthday – some of my friends and family members also contributed so I have actually surpassed my objective of raising $250 USD! Would you still like to donate? You have until the end of the month to do so! Just click on the link here: https://raise.rotary.org/Jacinthe-Paille/celebration
Thank you!
One last thing: Every year, the incoming RI President chooses a theme for his year. I am happy to let you know (if you didn’t already!) that starting July 1st, our theme for 2021-22 will be Serve to Change Lives. Here’s to keep opening opportunities while serving to change lives in our local and international communities!
Secretary's Thoughts
Hi fellow Passport Club Rotarians and friends,
As already mentioned by Jacinthe, in her column above, this Tuesday is our February meeting, but everyone should note that we will be starting at 6:30 PM.
This is so that we can help accommodate our special guest speaker,  Past RI Vice-President Dean Rohrs, who has agreed to join us and speak on the occasion of Rotary’s 116 Anniversary.  
Please note the different meeting time and please plan to join us by bringing along someone who may be interested in learning more about Rotary!
I also want to draw attention to Corina’s call for volunteer Rotarians to help with her exciting youth project. It is designed to bring together young students from Mexico, the US and Canada who will be researching how better to assist Hispanic parents with children in hospital settings struggling to communicate effectively in their second language to help ensure better care and health outcomes for their children.  Corina has clearly spelled out the help needed from Rotarians.  Perhaps you can help – and of course all volunteering will be done virtually and count towards make-ups!
Look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday at 6:30PM!
Yours in Rotary Service,
President-Elect Maddie Roy
Hello everyone!
I had the privilege to attend the 2021 Virtual NAYEN (North American Youth Exchange Network) Conference over the weekend. It was amazing to hear from President-Elect Jennifer Jones as well as Rotarians and Rotary Youth Exchange alumni from all over the world. Rotary's youth programs are so important in our organization, our district, and hopefully our club! I can't wait for the day that we can send out our own Rotary Youth Exchange student on this life-changing experience.
For those of you in Cornwall looking for a volunteer opportunity, you can read here about the fourth round of emergency food hampers being prepared for families in need. If you're interested in volunteering for this important cause you can call 613-936-0306 extension 253.


                          Membership Director Ariane Carriere
Rotary Alphabet Soup
As we converse or communicate in other ways in the world of Rotary, we hear and see many abbreviations. Here are a few with their meanings:
AG Assistant Governor
APF Annual Program Fund (Rotary Foundation)
ARPIC Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator (zone)
ARC Assistant Rotary Coordinator
ARRFC Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (zone)
DG The sitting district governor
DGE District Governor-Elect, (the following year)
DGN District Governor Nominee, (the second year)
DGND District Governor Nominee Designate, (the third year)
DGX Unofficial designation for any of the three above
DLDT District leadership and development trainer
DT District Trainer
DWM District Web Master
GETS Governor-elect Training Seminar
GSE Group study exchange
MOP Manual of Procedure, revised every three years
PDG Past District Governor
PE President-elect (club)
PETS Presidents-elect Training Seminar
PP Past President (club)
PP Polio Plus (Rotary Foundation)
RC Rotary Coordinator
RC Rotary Club (club)
RI Rotary International
RIVP Rotary International Vice-President
RIBI Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland
RID Rotary International Director
RIDE Rotary International Director-Elect
RIP Rotary International President
RIPE Rotary International President-Elect
RPIC Rotary Public Image Coordinator (zone)
PRID Past Rotary International Director
PRIVP Past Rotary International Vice President
RRFC Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
RLF Rotary Leadership Forum
SE Secretary-elect (club)
TTRF Trustee, The Rotary Foundation
RLI Rotary Leadership Institute
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Award
TRF The Rotary Foundation
PHF Paul Harris Fellow
PHS Paul Harris Society
PFI Permanent Fund Initiative
VDG Vice District Governor
YE Youth Exchange
YEP Youth Exchange Program
The February list for Coffee with a Rotarian can be found here. The March list will be out shortly.


Volunteer Rotarians Needed
Would you like to help?  We’re launching the service project for healthcare accessibility and are looking for Rotarian volunteers!
The Project
The D7040 Passport Club, in collaboration with #DesignResearch and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, is getting ready to launch the service project!  We’re assembling a team of young people from Canada, USA and Mexico to research how we may create environments in healthcare which help people feel safe and reach out for help when needed.  We will be interviewing parents from the Hispanic community in Pittsburgh, in collaboration with local grassroot organizations and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Students will analyze the results to share back insights with the medical community and the grassroot organizations on a public website, as well as through articles we will build through the project.  Ultimately, this project will help children all over North America receive better care when their parents struggle to communicate in their second language, within the hospital setting.
Here is what would help us!
1.    8 Rotarians volunteering 2 hours of their time each to act as mock-interviewees and provide feedback to student interviewers
2.    1 Rotarian volunteer to help us draft an agreement to let us use the data collected for publication on our project website portal
3.    1 Rotarian to edit a video sharing our project's story and results with the community
4.    1 or more Rotarians to help with Spanish translations/validation of the 8 interview transcripts and with coordinating with the 4 Mexican students (logistics for registration).
If interested, please contact Corina at cparasch@alumni.cmu.edu!
I’m looking forward to serving together!