Upcoming Events
Board meeting February
Feb 27, 2018
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Board meeting March
Mar 28, 2018
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Events with other clubs

Feb. 2 Ottawa Bytown Rotary Stick Spiel. Contact Terry Egan.
Feb. 11 Rotary Pancake Day hosted by RC Canton.
Feb. 24 Orleans Victorian Tea Party. Contact Peggy Gilmour.
February 17, T2S Training Seminar
February 23, RI Rotary’s birthday - are you planning anything?
Feb 23, Ottawa Stittsville holding their Annual Trivia Night
March 10 Renfrew Rotary Trivia night contact janet_springer@hotmail.com
March 10, International Service Committee
March 10, Grants Management and Qualifying
March 24, Rotary Leadership Institute
March 24, Youth Exchange Program Orientation & Dinner
April 7 West Ottawa Music for Humanity Concert on Saturday. New Program and new venue this year. It will Be played at Beechwood Cemetery Music Hall.
April 20, Grants Management and Qualifying
April 21, PETS (President- elect Training Seminar)
April 21, Annual District Foundation Dinner
April 22, DTA (District Training Assembly)
April 22, Earth Day – time to plant a tree? This is part of the Rotary Citation this year: time to plant your club’s trees. Not only is planting trees one of the best things you can do for the environment, it also brings you one step closer to your Rotary Citation. Be sure to plant your trees by 22 April (Earth Day) and take care of the trees you’ve planted until they’re thriving on their own. Can our club get a place and plant our trees? Can we join with other clubs in our area? I hope to ask our Councillors for their help in this as well.
March 31 deadline for registration for Toronto will go up.
April 28, District Scholarship Interviews
May 12, Annual District Foundation Walk, date confirmed
May 28 South Nepean - Taste of Barrhaven.
June 1 Montreal-Lakeshore 10th Annual Charity Auction at the Holiday Inn, Pointe Claire.
June 2, District Council, Continuity Mtgs.
June 8-10, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy)
June 9, International Service Committee
June 23-27, Rotary International Convention
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Rotary Direct USA
Rotary Direct Canada
Tree planting checklist
January District Foundation newsletter
RI President January message

Thoughts for this week.

Our Board meeting resulted in a lot of interesting discussion. Next week I will put those discussions into an edited version to share with everyone. There just was not enough time this week.
Some of the sections of this bulletin are repeats of articles that have appeared before. There are several members who have joined and may not have read some of this.

Question about marking attendance credits

Technically you get credit for each hour that you take part in a volunteer or Rotary activity. If you take part in an activity that runs for a day, or over several hours, you need to mark that down as “Activity Name” – Hour 1, Hour 2, and so on. The ClubRunner system does not distinguish the hours so you need to do that yourself, unless it does not really matter to you. Remember that you do need to mark down your own activities, check the Download file on our website home page. Your best bet is to go for “auto-assign” because the system will put that makeup wherever it is needed.
We’ve mentioned before that for some it feels really strange or disconnected somehow not to be tied to a meeting schedule. It’s also different to do things you want to do on a schedule of your own. You may do three things in one week, and then not do anything for a month or more. You do not need to worry about that, it’s the way our club is. Keep marking in your makeups and while you are there, look at what others are doing to inspire you.


You can keep adding makeups until you get to May 28, 2018. Try not to bank meetings, just keep adding them to the next available date for you, even if it is in the future. Several months of meetings are now closed, but if you have applicable makeups you can add those to closed meetings still. We cannot get a report until the meeting is declared closed.
Some of you may have noticed that meetings you banked have now been assigned to a date. I tried to go through the list so that we could keep going adding makeups throughout the year, even into the future. I know that for previous Rotarians that seems strange, but then we are not a usual club, so we do our attendance credits in an unusual way.

Website advertising

We are asking you to reach out to advertisers. Our aim is to have enough advertisers to pay for the website hosting next July. There are documents in the Document Download section that explain how to go about it, and there is a view of the current advertisers and the number of clicks that they are getting.

Training Events

PETS (President Elect Training Seminar)/DTA (District Training Assembly) – are you going? Our club pays a levy to cover the costs of PETS and DTA, so it is free for anyone who wants to attend. I will be attending PETS as District Interact Chair and PE, and Kathy Trim will also attend. How many of you will attend DTA on April 22 to find out more about Rotary?
Registration information can be found on the district website www.rotary7040.com .

We've done it!

Our club has achieved 4 out of 4 Rotary Citation categories.

Loblaw's Bread Rebate

In late December, Canadian members received information with a suggestion that we could make an effort to work together to make the Loblaw's Bread Rebate very helpful to our community. Remember that wherever we live, there are foodbanks. Something to keep in mind:

"According to the head of the Toronto Daily Bread food bank, a $25 gift card is worth only a small fraction of $25 cash, because they usually buy food at deeply discounted prices and can only use gift cards for a few items where they have to pay retail price.

And from the donor's point of view, donating the gift card to a food bank is not the same as donating $25 cash, because of the tax receipt for the latter.  It does not appear that the food banks are considering issuance of a tax receipt for a gift card.

So an alternate suggestion, for a husband and wife applying separately with separate email addresses to get 2 gift cards, is to take $50 out of your grocery budget, use the gift cards to fill the hole, donate $100 to the Kingston Food Bank or Loving Spoonful or Martha's Table, and get $50 back on income tax.  Of course, for anyone in a tax bracket less than 50%, the math is a little different."

Let’s participate on an individual basis.  Obtain the cards, spend the cards, and write a cheque to the combe y organization of your own choice.  It could any organization that helps those who need help with food security. 

Let's work together separately, and we can do a lot to help the community. Here is the link to go to, to obtain your cards https://www.loblawcard.ca/

Council on Resolutions - Results

The Council on Resolutions meets online each year. Representatives from all of Rotary’s districts vote on resolutions that clubs, districts, the RI Board, and the General Council or Conference of RIBI have proposed. The RI Board of Directors will consider all resolutions that the Council adopts.