April 18, 2021


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Apr 27, 2021
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Did you make a donation to PolioPlus when you received your COVID vaccination? It's not too late.
Foundation Moment with DG Hadi

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Your $100 contribution to The Rotary Foundation can help provide textbooks for one elementary school in Zambia, provide a hearing aid for a deaf child in Pakistan, buy de-worming tablets for 112 children in the Philippines, pay for cataract operations for three blind people in India, or provide 230 blankets for the elderly in the winter months of Korea.

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Jacinthe Paille
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April is Maternal and Child Health!
Have you contacted the person you have been matched with for Coffee with a Rotarian? It is such a great way to get to know your fellow members, especially since we are not all in the same area (and we don’t meet in person). This month, I had the pleasure of talking with David Wood, our treasurer, and as is often the case in Rotary, we found out we had several things in common: we both have a blended family and a daughter named Sarah; while David and his family have hosted several Youth Exchange students, I have been a YE Counselor; and we’ve both been in Rotary for several years. I truly enjoy these informal conversations – a heartfelt thank you to the Membership Committee and all who are making this happen!
On another note, on April 19, the man who would form Rotary was born – it is Paul Harris’ birthday! I would like to share some words he said in 1945, which I believe still ring true today:
‘What is Rotary? Thousands have made answer each in his own way. It is easier to note what Rotary does than what it is. One recently has said, If Rotary has encouraged us to take a more kindly outlook on life and men; if Rotary has taught us greater tolerance and the desire to see the best in others; if Rotary has brought us pleasant and helpful contacts with others who also are trying to capture and radiate the joy and beauty of life, then Rotary has brought us all that we can expect.’
Finally, don’t forget that April 22 is Earth Day, and that between April 24 and June 1st, all Rotarians in the District are invited to participate in The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. Just select a park, a river or any other area and get cleaning – and then let everyone know about it! All information here: https://www.rotary7040.com/Stories/update-the-great-lakes-watershed-cleanup
Secretary's Thoughts
Hi fellow Passport Club Rotarians and friends,
Last week I promised you a short update on the proposed Mississauga Rotary Club’s Ontario-wide Raffle- Chase the Ace.
Unfortunately, I am still lacking some key information concerning some of the specifics, so am in no better position to provide more details at this stage.
I  remain hopeful that it will be possible for further information to be made available in time for a presentation at our next meeting, April 27th
In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful week.
Yours in Rotary Service,
President-Elect Maddie Roy
While it may feel like we're being cooped up indoors, we CAN (at least at the time of publication...) go out for a walk and support our fellow Rotarians that are out walking for the Annual District Foundation Walk! In fact, now we can band together as a district for this event without having to travel to beautiful Brockville.
On Saturday, May 15, get your walking shoes on and head out in your community. Bring a friend or family member or encourage those around you to head out on their own. The suggested distance is 5 kilometres (or 3.2 miles), but do whatever is most comfortable for you.
The Rotary Club of Brockville is spearheading this event and asks participants to send pictures of them out walking to their Facebook page.
Stay tuned for more information on this event!
On another note, April is Genocide Awareness Month. It is our duty as Rotarians and conscious citizens to always seek to better understand the world around us and how we can make it a better, safer place for all. While it is always important to acknowledge the stories and the legacies of victims of genocide and crimes against humanity, the month of April is particularly timely in this respect.
Have a wonderful week!
Ariane Carriere, Membership Chair
You may have heard that I have been appointed as District Treasurer, effective immediately. This is not new for me, I did it for 10 years before I became DG. It is extra work, but then we're not going anywhere, and it is something that I can do from home. I intend to continue with the avenues of service series, for this week  Vocational Service:
Members of service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions often talk about vocational service. But what does it mean? To help make the concept more precise, Rotary International has published a guide on vocational service. The idea is for Rotarians to promote (1) High ethical standards in business and professions; (2) The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and (3) The dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The guide suggests that this can be achieved among others by talking about one’s vocation and learning about others’ vocations, using professional skills to serve the community, practicing one’s profession with integrity, and guiding others, especially youth, in their professional development.
Vocational service can take many forms, but it should be recognized that some of those forms are not specific to Rotary. Everyone should practice his or her profession with integrity. And many different people talk with passion about their vocation and enjoy learning from the vocations of others. What should probably be emphasized more in Rotary is the use of one’s professional skills and experience to serve communities. Mentoring younger individuals in order to help them make good career choices is a classic example with many clubs involved in organizing career fairs in high schools. But vocational service can be broader than that, as the guide published by Rotary International indicates.
One great example of vocational service that also ties in by design with community and especially international service is the work performed by Rotarians who lend their professional skills to Rotarian Action Groups (RAGs). The RAGs are led by Rotarians. They are approved by Rotary International, and they report to the organization, but they function as independent entities and are in most cases registered as charitable organizations. They facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences in various thematic areas, and they provide advice to clubs in order to help improve the projects implemented by clubs in each RAG’s area of technical expertise.
As of 2016, there were more than two dozen RAGs operating in domains related to the areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. These areas of focus are: 1) fighting disease, 2) providing clean water, 3) saving mothers and children, 4) supporting education, 5) growing local economies, 6) promoting peace, and 7) the environment. One RAG has more than 20,000 members and a few others have more than 500 members, but most RAGs tend to be smaller, although many are growing. A list of RAGs is available on Rotary International’s website.
Have your checked Coffee with a Rotarian this month? You can find it here. You’ll find it’s slightly different.
Registration is now open https://convention.rotary.org/en