February 9, 2020
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Jul 01, 2019 – Jun 30, 2020
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February 14
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February 26
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CJ Cochrane
February 23, 2005
15 years
President's Message
CJ Cochrane
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Thank you to all who have sent your thoughts about morphing into a worldwide eClub. Please continue your input. This coming week I'll be sending an email with details for all to consider.
The time you took to write is considered a make-up so be sure to add this to your club attendance.
Based on the information on our site, our attendance could use improvement. Be sure to add any volunteer work on any project with anyone with separate makeups.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Till next week... 
        Secretary's Thoughts
Hello again fellow D7040 Passport Rotarians,
As I mentioned in last week's Bulletin the Rotary Club of Mississauga's On-Line Lottery now awaits our input.  
As a first step we need to identify up to six charities within Ontario, and presumably local to our Ontario membership.  This is so we can establish and maintain a relationship with each selected charity so that the Board and members of those charities will become active supporters encouraging the sale of tickets etc.  
Please take some time over the next few days to think about local charities near you that you think are worth supporting and try and make contact with potential charities to determine interest.
Once the lottery really takes off this has tremendous potential for us to raise funds to support our local charities.  
Please let me know if you have any questions and as President Chris mentions in his remarks this week, any time members spend on this can count towards your makeups!
Save the Date!
Club Changeover Event
By Jacinthe Paillé, President-Elect
Dear club members,
I am looking forward to starting a new Rotary year as president of the D7040 Passport club. To start the year on the right foot, why not celebrate the end of Chris’ year as president with a changeover ceremony?
I would like to suggest Saturday, June 20th from 4:00pm at my place in Laval. I promise Mother Nature will collaborate and the day will be beautiful for us to enjoy the yard – but if not, we can enjoy some Rotary fellowship inside the house! Bring your beverages and a chair, and I will take care of the rest!
My address is 106 Donck in Laval. It is close to the Cartier subway station, and easily accessible through Highway 40 and 15. Let’s make this family friendly – your spouse and children (and any Rotary friends) are all welcome!
See you in June!
Maddie's Musings
Last weekend I was in Cornwall for the first Rotary Youth Exchange Orientation. Students from all over the district were brought together to learn about Rotary and begin preparations for their short- or long-term stay abroad as ambassadors for their community, their country, and of Rotary. Our club is sponsoring Jacinthe's step-daughter to embark on a short-term exchange in the summer, and Jacinthe will be hosting a student in return.
We should be extremely proud of the bravery of these students, and extremely proud that as Rotarians we help facilitate their adventures!