March 15, 2020
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CJ Cochrane
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Please welcome our newest member, Nicke Salén in Sweden.
Nicke is a Past Rotary District Governor and currently a Rotary Coordinator in his part of our world. I met Nicke online several years ago and we've kept in touch. Now our club has the benefit of his years of Rotary experience.
As Canada and the US are expanding quarantine measures to lessen the effects of the COVID-19 virus, yours truly is driving from Daytona, Florida, alone to our home in Brockville, Ontario. 
Ladyliz (my best half) is flying home as there may be no washrooms available save taking a hotel room overnight. 
All restaurants are take out or delivery only which means their washrooms are closed. Hotels have closed washroom to the public. If you want one, rent a room. Interstate rest stops are generally closed. One might find comfort at a truckstop but failing then it's off to the nearest forest!
The adventure begins at daybreak Monday.
Congratulations to President-elect Jacinthe for attending the recent online District 7040 Presidents' Elect Training. 
Yours truly attended online as Chair of our District 7040 Public Awareness Committee. It was a success.
Great information and the sharing of knowledge...all from the comfort of our computer.
This is an excellent time to share our  online only club with non Rotarians. People are isolating at home and most have the time to at least check us out. Invite a friend to become a member. I did! 
Till next week ...
Reminder of Notice to All Members - Re Proposed Bylaw changes for consideration at our next Online Club Meeting March 31st
from Ariane..
Prior to next week's meeting our club will be considering proposed changes to our club bylines.  A draft revision of the bylaws can be found in Documents on ClubRunner. We we have been reminded  that all clubs need to update their bylaws according to the 2019 COL. The generic club bylaws that RI put out after the 2019 Council on Legislation (COL) are also in Documents. I tried to model the draft revision after that. Whenever possible, I have highlighted the changes, but if something was shortened that will not show.
The election of the Board is different and the method of electing new members is shortened.
According to RI, we need to give 21 days notice for amendments, so that is why our initial notice went out as part of last week's Bulletin. Today is just a reminder.
Please read the revised version and compare to the RI version if you wish. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me .
        Secretary's Thoughts
Last week President Chris welcomed our newest
newest member Guy Kurkjian. Please note Guy is actually a resident of Malta, although his most recent club membership was an eClub in London, UK.  Our apologies for this error Guy, glad to have you aboard!  
                  COVID 19 impact
I'm sure all of you are following the media closely and remaining in touch with up to date information being provided by government officials on a daily basis regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic.
All members are urged to follow government advisories on what to do to promote our own personal safety and health which now includes eliminating all non-essential travel and staying at home if under voluntary quarantine or not required to be at work etc.
Once again, here's an important message from Rotary International:
Yours in Rotary,
From: Ariane Carriere, Membership Chair
One of our members wrote to me that when someone is mentioned as a new member it would be nice to know something about them. i.e. - classification, name, where they live, profession, family, etc. and an email for members to welcome them to the club. I just think it would be a friendly way to welcome them. Familiarity breeds friendship especially as email is our main communication format. It is better than a club that just collects names which I do not think anyone wishes.
At one time we had a Meet the Member section in our bulletin. I tried it voluntarily and then I started assigning. All Passport Club members have the access to go into someone’s profile to find out more about them.  You can take a look at our all members on the members list in ClubRunner. Click on Members only, the last tab on our website home page and look for Member Directory. You will be asked to login. All the information that you are looking for is there. There are only two members who do not have photos.
Our newest members are:
Guy Kurkjian , from Malta
Nicke Salén from Sweden
Please send them a welcome email.