January 26, 2020
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Jul 01, 2019 – Jun 30, 2020
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February 14
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CJ Cochrane
February 23, 2005
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President's Message
CJ Cochrane
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During our Monthly Club meeting last week I talked about the possibility of morphing into an eClub. The reason for this possibility is the District Governor wants an English-based eClub to be formed in our District. If it's separate from us, we may be competing for the same members.
An eClub allows people to join from anywhere in the world. Its format provides for more interaction among members plus fresh information is posted online on weekly or bi-weekly basis. We'd expect members to log onto the website  regularly (on any device connected to the Internet at their leisure)  and go through the information. 
There are a myriad of details to discuss over the coming weeks. I'll be sending updates/information to everyone.
I need and want your feedback.
However, there will be no change in status or format without a positive vote from our members.
Till next week... 
        Secretary's Thoughts
Hello again fellow D7040 Passport Rotarians,
For those of you not able to join us for last week's on-line Club or have not yet taken the time to view the on-line Video Recording you need to know that our club's entry into the Ontario Rotary On-Line Lottery was approved and in the coming weeks we will be moving forward with the Rotary of Club of Mississauga to establish our partnership in this exciting enterprise. 
  If you live in Ontario or happen to be passing through and temporarily have access to an Ontario-based IP address you will be able to buy tickets and a try your luck.  Once we are included as a member club this has some great potential for us to raise funds to support our local charities.  First task will be to decide which charities we might like to support - could be a Food Bank, a local hospital project or just about any other charitable cause worth our support. It will also help boost our ticket sales with our own charities getting directly involved in the process.  
Rotary 2020-2021:
Let’s Open Opportunities
By Jacinthe Paille, President-Elect
Hello everyone!
I’d like to share some ideas for our upcoming Rotary year with you. Please give me some feedback at j14intoronto@yahoo.ca – I cannot do this without all of you!
-End President Chris’ year and start Jacinthe’s year with a changeover ceremony at Jacinthe’s house in Laval. I am thinking of a date in late June (on a Saturday) where we can spend time chatting and celebrating in the backyard  We have a guest bedroom (double futon) so if you are coming from further away and would like to ‘reserve’ it, let me know 
P.S. This would be a family event where Rotarians, partners and children can attend!
*This would also be a good time to hand out some Paul Harris Fellow recognitions – start thinking of who you think should get one!
-Start a WhatsApp group so we can communicate easily. It’s easy and it’s free!
-Have club members write a short text for the newsletter every week. It could be a small paragraph on your last volunteering activity, or something you read that you enjoyed, or even an account of another club visit. There are 52 weeks, so there is space for everyone 
-Hear from club members at the online club meeting for a brief classification talk (every other month, for example) – an abridged version of what would happen in a face-to-face club. Who would like to start in July and September 2020? Let me know!
-Save 3 to 5 minutes for a ‘Rotary Minute’ at the monthly online meeting: a member tells the others some Rotary information he/she read, saw, heard etc. Maddie, would you start in July 2020? ;)
-Encourage all members to donate at least five (5) dollars to the Foundation during the year 
Any other idea, please let me know!
Maddie's Musings
Please note Maddie and Jacinthe are attending a Rotary Youth Exchange event this weekend and will be back next week with words of wisdom!