August 14, 2022
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Passport Club - Meeting
Aug 30, 2022
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Passport Club - Meeting
Sep 27, 2022
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Passport Club - Meeting
Oct 25, 2022
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President's Message

Summer at District Level – The next two weeks sees meetings of several District Committees: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; International Service / Foundation; and Environmental Sustainability; the first session of the Diverse Book Club, 2022-23 (I’m certain Jacinthe would love to see you!); Presidents Elect Training Seminar, session 5; Grants Management Seminar, #1; as well as District Council. You will find dates and entry information on the District 7040 Calendar. 

Vision Exercise – Our 30 August meeting will be primarily about the results of our Vision Exercise to date, and a discussion on how to translate our identified priorities and goals, both short and long term, into real actions. You will receive some material to think about before the meeting, which will help us draft both a Master Plan and identify targets that will then each require Strategic Plans. Prepare to roll up your mental sleeves!
Margaret Shibley
President-Elect's Report

I recently spent some time looking at Rotary International’s website and while I was there I did a brief review of their current priorities.  For those new to Rotary, or perhaps unfamiliar with the priorities the list is as follows:

  • Promoting Peace
  • Fighting Disease
  • Providing Clean Water, Sanitation, Hygiene
  • Saving Mothers and Children
  • Supporting Education
  • Growing Local Economies
  • Protecting the Environment

As I reflected on these priorities I was couldn’t help but think about the overwhelming magnitude of the issues included on this list.   

By themselves each one of these issues would bring significant change to the world, together if accomplished, they would transform the world as we know it. I thought to myself, talk about thinking big!

But this is nothing new. Rotary clubs and Rotarians have always been encouraged to think big!   In fact, when faced with insurmountable odds that some claim are impossible to address, traditionally Rotarians have reacted, ‘’let’s go!’’ and then we rally the resources and personnel to get the job done.

When Rotary launched its Polio plus initiative in 1985 I was a new member of the club in  Kemptville, Ontario. I still remember the clubs reaction. Rather than being daunted by the enormity of the challenge, we got excited about getting involved and taking part in something transformative.

Our work on the Polio Plus campaign brought our club members together, and connected us to a cause that spanned the entire planet.  All these years later Rotary and Rotarians have never given up on that project and as a result, today polio was almost eradicated from our planet.  Even now, as Polio seems to be resurfacing to threaten the world’s children I am confident that Rotary and Rotarians will double down and continue the fight.

Rotary’s commitment to take on big issues and get things done speaks to me of the importance of our own club visioning exercise.  As we move forward in the creation of our club vision, we need to be sure to align our vision with one or some of these Rotary priorities.

Which of these priorities resonates with us as a club? Where do we want to place our focus? To answer these questions we need to be sure that we hear from each member.  Which of the priorities resonates with you? As we begin to set the foundation for our club vision, as a club member your answer to this question is essential.

We stand before a blank page.  The paper and pen are in our hands.  The priorities are bigger than we are, but together, I am confident that if we think big enough, and work together we will do something amazing and have a real impact on the world.  I look forward to working alongside you to create the vision and to working with you to make that vision real.


                                             David Carey

The August  "Coffee with a Rotarian" list should've been email to you. Please enjoy your fellowship.

When you get the email each month, open the attachment and follow the directions.

Once you've connected, please send me a brief summary for inclusion in this bulletin

                                        Chris Cochrane


We are in need of members to join the Membership Committee.

You'll have a direct voice in who joins our club and the actions we take.

Please contact President Margaret. 


                                        Secretary Chris             

             Member Thoughts

            A Special Invitation to All

Many of you know I started a Diverse Book Club in 2021-22 as Literacy Chair for the District.

I had a lot of fun hosting four different sessions where the participants discussed various books (works of fiction and non-fiction; authors from the US, Canada, and one Icelandic writer; and various genres).

I'm continuing the book club this year and I would love to see many of you online for one or more session.

To start off the new Rotary year, I wanted to honour our first female (and Canadian) RI president, Jennifer Jones, by choosing a female, Canadian writer to focus on.

So, it is with great pride and excitement             I invite personally everyone to join me online for a Q & A with Canadian author Genevieve Graham, and to discuss her most recent book, Bluebird. Ms. Graham is the bestselling author of historical novels such as Tides of Honour, The Forgotten Home Child, and Letters Across the Sea.

The event will take place on Zoom on August 16, 2022 at 7:00pm EDT. Details can be found on District 7040’s website:

Please share with anyone who may be interested – spouse, family members, neighbours, children, Rotaractors, etc.

See you then!

                                          Jacinthe Paillé