September 25, 2022
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Passport Club - Meeting
Sep 27, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Passport Club - Meeting
Oct 25, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Passport Club - Meeting
Nov 29, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Greg Campbell
September 18
David Wood
Sandy Wood
September 27
Len Goddard
September 29
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Nicke Salén
September 5, 2002
20 years

President's Message

Vision Teams meet Tuesday
Leaves are changing rapidly here in D7040 and so are we! Our September Business meeting will see the first gatherings of our Vision Teams. After our initial business is conducted, those present will participate in one of two breakout sessions (Team 1 / Team 2). Some of you have already agreed to work in one of the teams and will be pre-assigned. The rest of us will be assigned to a room to balance numbers. Participating in one of the breakout sessions Tuesday doesn’t commit you to team membership, but it does strengthen the ability of each team to reflect the range of thoughts of Passport members. You might also find you'd like to continue!
Chris Cochrane is heading our Fundraising Pilot Project (Team 3) and will let us know when he needs bodies and minds. 
#1     WHO ARE WE?
District 7040’s Indigenous Ally Day 
A reminder: You are invited to participate in District 7040's Indigenous Ally Day with a virtual event 8th October from 10:00am to 11:30am EDT, offering insights and a chance to discuss how you can grow as an ally of Indigenous People.

This event is for Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotarians, and interested non-Rotarians. Don’t hesitate to share the invitation!
                                                                     Margaret Shibley
President-Elect's Report

When I joined the Rotary club in Kemptville in the early 80s I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had a<ached myself to what was known at the ?me as a ‘’singing club’’. We had Rotary songbook and for 10 minutes at the beginning of every meeting, the sergeant at arms would lead the club in a rousing sing-a-long. Here are the lyrics of one of the club favourites.

Sing a song to Rotary
Shout till the rafters ring
Stand and give a cheer once again Let every loyal man now sing Here’s to all the happy hours Here’s to the cheerful days
Here’s to Rotary forever
It’s memory in our hearts always

It was really fun to sing, but at the time I was singing it, I had no idea how deeply those Rotary memories would impact and shape my life, nor how deeply the relationships made through Rotary would imprint themselves on my heart.

Looking back with nostalgia at those ‘’happy hours,’’ my mind drifts back through hundreds of hours invested in community projects. From raising money in Sudbury for local food banks, planting trees to help reforest Rotary park, and picking up garbage along the road, to serving high tea, and participating in the annual ‘’huitres et mervielles’’ (oysters and wonders) fundraiser with the Club Rotary de Québec, it is evident to me how much Rotary has contributed to my life.

Yet it isn’t the events that have marked me as much as the people I have shared them with. Picking up garbage in the rain, along the highway near Sudbury Ontario was quite honestly a miserable job, however doing it with a fellow Rotarian who had become one of my deepest and most trusted friends, brought the joy of Rotary fellowship to every slogging step. This friend, Rick Van Oort died suddenly in 2015 and today I would give almost anything for a chance to work with him again.

As I write this, I am certain that many of our club members could add countless stories of how deeply Rotary has enriched their lives with both meaningful relationships and opportunities for service. Experienced Rotarians, I encourage you this month to take ?me to reflect on those memories with gratitude, and new Rotarians I encourage you to get out there, participate in projects, build relationships and build your own memories.

As my old sergeant at arms used to love to say please join me in a song.

Sing a song to Rotary
Shout till the rafters ring
Stand and give a cheer once again Let every loyal man now sing Here’s to all the happy hours Here’s to the cheerful days
Here’s to Rotary forever
It’s memory in our hearts always


                              David Carey                                 

Member's Thoughts

Rotary Cash Calendar Fundraiser reminder.

Calendars are $20 and our club gets $10. 

This is a win, win, win proposition!

West Ottawa gets funds to support their charitable organizations such as the Rotel (non-profit motel serving patients and families using local hospitals) and Rotary Home providing respite for caregivers in families with severe medical needs.

We get funds for our projects such as students to RYLA and aid to the Ukraine. Finally, we get to talk about Rotary to our friends and neighbours and have them think about Rotary as they look at their calendar throughout the year. On top of that there are 368 draws for prizes throughout the year. (Including 3 for $1000, 12 for $200, 11 for $125, 25 for $100) out of a maximum of 5000 tickets sold. Let’s sell as many as possible.

NOTE: to be eligible for the draws the contestants must fill out the entry card on the first page of the calendar and either mail it in to the address on the back of the entry card or give it to the vender who will get it to contest draw address

                                Barry Rowland


We are in need of members to join the Membership Committee.

You'll have a direct voice in who joins our club and the actions we take.

Please contact President Margaret. 


                                Secretary Chris