February 14, 2021


Our Next meeting is February 23rd, we will celebrate Rotary’s 116th anniversary with guest speaker Dean Rohrs, past RI Vice-President.  
To accommodate our speaker we will start this meeting at 6:30 PM ET.
The link to join meeting is the same every month.
Please use the link below - note that a password is not necessary - participants are admitted by the meeting Chair from a Waiting Room.   
Meeting ID:774-1711-6547
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Monthly Club Meeting: Rotary's 116th Birthday!
Feb 23, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Mar 09, 2021 7:00 PM
Monthly Club Meeting
Mar 30, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Apr 13, 2021 7:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
May 11, 2021 7:00 PM
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Foundation Moment with DG Hadi

What is a Rotary Foundation Global Grant for Vocational Training?

Established in 1965-66, the Group Study Exchange Program was an educational program that promoted international understanding through organized travel and personal contact. The program evolved as Rotary updated its grant model and placed this activity within global grants. Vocational training under global grants builds skills within a community by offering local training or by supporting groups of professionals travelling abroad for rigorous study in their profession or to teach local professionals about a particular field. This type of training is often effective in conjunction with a humanitarian project.

You can volunteer to be a vocational training team leader or nominate a non-Rotarian vocational team member – which will it be?

Thank You/Merci,
Hadi Mortada,
Governor/Gouverneur 2020-21
Area Governor 2014-19
Club President 2013-14
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February 14
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February 26
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February 20, 2018
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February 23, 2005
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President's Message
Jacinthe Paille
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February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month!
Every year, Rotarians usually have the opportunity to meet at two different types of events (among others): the International Convention and the District Conference. Of course, because of the current context, meeting in person has been made more difficult – but let’s hope we will be able to do so very soon.
Until then, we can meet virtually.  I mentioned in a previous bulletin that the 2021 International Convention is now going to be online. You’ll find the details in the next few weeks here: https://convention.rotary.org/en/taipei?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_eDb8Ije7gIVEACGCh0ZlAQAEAAYASAAEgLwkfD_BwE   It’ll be excellent –and totally free!
The fall of 2021 may look better, so I would like to remind you that the 2021 District Conference will take place on October 29-31 and will be in a hybrid format. If you register before March 15, you will be eligible to participate in a draw to get half your registration off! Check out the details here: 
Final note: You all received an email about the fundraiser I created to celebrate my birthday with Raise for Rotary. It’s not too late to donate! Join me in improving basic literacy and education projects by contributing to it here: 
Secretary's Thoughts
Hi fellow Passport Club Rotarians and friends,
Hope that everyone had an enjoyable St. Valentine’s Day today.
My thoughts this week will be quite short as I think you will have had enough of me with this issue by the time you check out our Membership Matters below.
It is almost time for our monthly meeting next Tuesday, and I hope we will have another great turnout on the 23rd.  Please note that for this time our meeting will not get underway until 6:30 PM in order to accommodate our guest speaker - Dean Rohrs, Past RI Vice-President.
The time is sure flying by quickly, and although we’ve been experiencing some very cold weather recently, spring is almost right around the corner!  Please stay safe and have a wonderful week everyone!
Yours in Rotary Service,
President-Elect Maddie Roy
Happy Valentine's Day et Bonne Saint-Valentin!
I would like to thank those that have responded to the doodle and are interested in helping with the planning of an event to bring Rotaractors and Rotarians together! I have received some more results today and I will send out a follow up email with the meeting time.
For those of you in Cornwall, you can read here about the fourth round of emergency food hampers being prepared for families in need. If you're interested in volunteering for this important cause you can call 613-936-0306 extension 253.


                          Membership Director Ariane Carriere
The February list for Coffee with a Rotarian can be found here
The articles and presentations for Len Goddard are now on the Education Centre page https://d7040passport.org/sitepage/education-centre/welcome-to-our-education-centre. There is Len's bio, a photo album of my visit to the new Sonshine Centre in Ottawa, the Sonshine Cove presentation and of course the video in our list with other videos. Take a look.

Meet Rotarian Terry Forth

I was a product of large metropolitan cities – born and raised in Toronto and then finishing my formal education and early work life in Montreal until I was 26 years old.  Then, everything changed for me, initially prompted by Expo ’67, but I won’t dwell on that here.
My northern life began early in 1968 – the first ten years included meeting and marrying my life-partner, Mehrun, in the arctic and having two great children – Tonia and James born respectively in Churchill and Yellowknife.   
I first joined Rotary in 1972 in Yellowknife.  I was one of their younger members at the time and although I was an active Rotarian in a fairly busy club, I never assumed any official positions in the club; probably resulting from not being drawn into club administration.  In 1978, my Rotary life was interrupted by a seventeen-year gap when we moved “south” first to Toronto, then Saskatoon, and eventually Ottawa for eleven years.
This next phase saw me focused almost entirely on economic development policies, and programs directly aimed at Canada’s Indigenous peoples.  This allowed me to continue my close working relationship with the Inuit while developing new ones with other Indigenous people in all parts of Canada. 
Serendipitously, I was sponsored by a close friend to become a member of the Rotary club of West Ottawa in early 1995.  Just as the process leading up to my induction was completed, I was given the opportunity to take early retirement and soon after invited by the Inuit to help them establish economic development policies and initiatives enabling successful implementation of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NLCA), passed through Parliament in the summer of 1993.  A key element of the NLCA was the establishment of Nunavut itself.
Mehrun and I were initially based in Rankin Inlet and then in 1997 we moved to Baffin Island and Iqaluit where, sponsored by Murray Horn, I re-joined Rotary.  I served in many different Rotary positions including both Secretary and President, as well as Foundation and International Service Chairs.  When we moved south in 2018, Murray was also my sponsor to the Passport Club. 
Rotary and our 33 years of professional experience in the Arctic was rich and memorable for Mehrun and I.  We enjoyed our times travelling to different countries and many Rotary clubs in different cities in Europe, East Africa, Mexico, and the USA, as well as in Canada.   I am looking forward to my continuing relationship with the D7040 Passport Club and our great members.



Have You Tried the Learning Center?

Use the course catalog to get direct links to all RI courses. These deep links will take users directly to the course after they sign in to My Rotary. Write to  learn@rotary.org if you need assistance getting these links.
New courses are now available in the Learning Center:
  • Rotary Foundation Basics. This course has been updated and includes a new quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Leadership Basics. This course from Toastmasters International focuses on essential leadership skills and is now available in several languages.
  • Leading a Team. This Toastmasters International course focuses on leading a small team and is now available in several languages.
  • Rotary’s Action Plan and You. This course shows you how your club can make a greater impact and implement other facets of the Action Plan. It’s now available in several languages.
  • Get Ready: District International Service Committee. This course shows the committee’s role in connecting members with resources to carry out sustainable service projects.
Remember that every course that you take counts as an attendance credit that you can mark in makeups.