The intent of the Education Centre is to present speakers of interest to our Club who can help educate, inform, and entertain with the end goal to attract new members. 
It’s a method to help keep current members engaged. 
It adds value to being in our club and help to expose our Club ( and Rotary) to the world. 
Speakers should have an interesting story to tell or a cause for our members to learn about and perhaps support.
The idea is to build a library of compelling talks. They can become future makeups for our members and be offered to other clubs in need of a good speaker recording for a weekly meeting.  Plus they can be used for Club online promotion as appropriate. 
Any referrals to potential speakers would be welcome. Not all referrals will work out. Not all will create a great talk but by working with potential speakers we can record them and we can turn their thoughts recorded into useable education/ recording through the magic of editing. 
For all videos that we have currently go to