Membership in the D7040 Rotary Passport Club is a privilege and an honor. The Rotary Passport Club holds its members to the highest of ethical standards.  To become a member, a prospective member must be sponsored by a current member of the Rotary Passport Club or be a current Rotarian in good standing in any of the other clubs of District 7040, and apply for membership. 

Once the board of the 7040 Rotary Passport Club has reviewed and approved the prospective member's application, the prospective member is presented to the current club membership for acceptance.  Upon acceptance and completion of a dues payment agreement, the prospective member will officially become a member of the D7040 Passport Club.  Dues will be pro-rated if the member joins at any time other than July 1. An induction ceremony of new members will be held at each "in-person" meeting of the D7040 Passport Club if possible.

Requirements of membership

Those seeking to join the D7040 Passport Club must:
• Be of good character and high ethical standard.
• Fill out an application, unless you have been a Rotarian previously, in which case you would need a recommendation from your former club.
• Pay membership dues.
• Participate in at least 40 hours of Service annually and record that activity on our website.

Who can be a member?

Membership in this unique Rotary club is meant for

  • Recent graduates (21 or older),
  • Current Rotaract members,
  • Former Rotaract and Interact members who wish to continue their Rotary journey,
  • Former Rotarians who left the organization due to financial reasons, job relocation or other life events, but want to come back to Rotary,
  • Current Rotarians who are considering terminating their membership due to life events,
  • Current Rotarians looking for a new Rotary club within the District to transfer to, and
  • People who are new to Rotary and want to get to know the clubs in the District before choosing one to transfer to.  The affordable dues structure and flexible nature of the Rotary Passport Club could be the right fit for anyone looking to make a difference.