Sam Watts raises important issues and proposes fresh ideas about how we ought to serve vulnerable people in our communities.  Most of us want to respond to people in need in a caring way.  We want to help.  However, if we merely act with charitable intentions we may not produce the result that we seek.   Is it possible to do the right thing, but do it far more effectively? What would happen if our collective efforts were aligned rather than disconnected?  Do we need to confront some persistent myths that incorrectly inform our perspective in relation to the complex social challenges that exist in our world?
Sam’s presentation provides food for thought for donors, volunteers, elected officials and members of the media.  It has also been described as “eloquent tough love for non-profit leaders”.
Sam Watts is the author of “Good Work Done Better”, published in 2020, that proposes ideas for how community-based non-profit organizations can improve their impact. He has also written numerous articles on leadership, organizational effectiveness, and how to implement strategies in organizations. 
In October 2016, he was appointed CEO and Executive Director of Welcome Hall Mission, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing shelter, food and love to Montrealers in need.  The Mission has an annual budget of approximately 25 million dollars, more than 150 full time employees and has over 800 valued volunteers. Founded in 1892, the team serves men, women, youth and children who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and exclusion by providing personalized solutions.